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You can build an empathetic school culture that promotes genuine acceptance of one another, an appreciation for diversity, and an intrinsic desire to contribute and grow academically—a school environment that is inviting, positive, and engaging!

In this easy-to-read, inspiring book, educational consultant and former high school principal Michelle Trujillo shows how positive school culture is anchored in social and emotional learning as a way of being. Through explanation, personal anecdotes, and the demonstration of problem-solving through intentional connection, she guides educators to explore their own SEL aptitudes. In doing so, she inspires a schoolwide investment in a philosophy of connection—with students and each other—that ignites a climate in which every individual is seen, heard, and valued, and academic achievement has an opportunity to thrive for all. 


“This is a powerful and moving resource to inspire every educator who wants to make a difference!" 
– Eric Jensen, Author

Brain-Based Learning and Teaching With the Brain in Mind

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9781544352824 |  $20.00

March 2019 | 176 pages | Corwin

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"Michelle Trujillo brought a scientifically-based framework to this work as well as a strong social and emotional component, both of which were so important to us. A school’s climate and culture impacts academic achievement. Michelle was able to bridge the gap  so everyone understood the impact of climate and culture. Michelle has tenacity and passion to inspire educators to strive for excellence."

Greta Peay, Director of Equity and Diversity Education

Clark County School District



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Michelle L. Trujillo has been publishing her philosophies and connections with youth, groups, and individuals for almost two decades.

Parents, educators, and teens alike appreciate her fresh and real approach to talking about challenging issues.


TruEd Consulting, LCC was founded by Dr. David and Michelle Trujillo.  Both educators, David and Michelle, are passionate about making a positive impact in the lives of youth and those who work with them.


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