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Greta Peay, Director of Equity and Diversity Education

Clark County School District


"Michelle Trujillo brought a scientifically-based framework to this work as well as a strong social and emotional component, both of which were so important to us. A school’s climate and culture impacts academic achievement. Michelle was able to bridge the gap  so everyone understood the impact of climate and culture. Michelle has tenacity and passion to inspire educators to strive for excellence."

What Others have to Say....

“Michelle Trujillo is extremely empowering and focuses on the importance of youth and character connections. I want to work with her!!! Amazing!”


“Mrs. T. is an amazing speaker. I loved her message, presentation and resources.”


“Best of Whole Conference! How can we have Michelle present for our staff?”


“Very heartwarming and motivating. A no cost way to touch the culture of your school through positive caring role modeling.”


“Michelle Trujillo gave me inspiration as well as concrete ways to create a safe and respectful learning environment at my school.”


“I recommended to my son who is going to school to be a teacher, if he ever has the chance to see Michelle Trujillo speak, he needs to go!”